Activité internationale


La CILE produit et distribue de l’eau potable par canalisations à plus d’un demi-million de personnes de l’agglomération liégeoise.

Avec une expérience de plus de 100 ans, son savoir-faire, sa taille et son expertise lui permettent de se positionner comme un acteur majeur de l’eau en Wallonie.

Un fournisseur de services d'eau dynamique !

fr Thanks to funding from the European Investment Bank worth € 82 million, CILE is now, more than ever, able to guarantee the sustainability of its infrastructures, the quality of the water it supplies and the security of its supply systems.

International activity

As a member of the World Water Council since 2015, CILE shares its experience with other public bodies involved in the water sector in other countries, in particular by means of:

  • its active involvement in AQUA PUBLICA EUROPEA, promoting public water management in Europe,
  • its membership of W-SMART, the aim of which is to promote global solidarity between public and private operators of water supply and sewage systems in major cities, against terrorist threats and natural disasters,
  • its training assignments for ISTE (Higher Institute of Water Technologies – University of Liège),
  • its coordination of a project to improve access to water for a rural community in Bolivia.

Facts and figures


Turnover : 134.481.109 euros

Investment : 12.880.000 euros (en 2017)


Water resources :

  • Groundwater           

    • Craies du Crétacé de Hesbaye      45.186 m³/j

    • Calcaires carbonifères                    36.438 m³/j

  • Surface water                                           18.493 m³/j

Technical supports :

Digitized mapping, engineering office, management of remote monitoring equipment

Network  332 civil engineering structures

               263 km of supply pipes – 3.409 km of distribution pipe

               257.107 water meters

               Network efficiency : 80 %

Customers : 562.763

Average per capita consumption : 43,62 m³/an


Quality control

16.704 water quality analyses per year

Compliance rate for imperative analyzes : 99,5 %

International quality standards certifications


ISO 9001 : Quality management systems

ISO 17025 : General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

ISO 22000 : Food safety management systems Hamoir bottling plant

Crisis management

  • Internal emergency and intervention plan

  • With its own spring water bottling plant, CILE can oer 10 liters containers to its consumers in case of emergencies


  • 376 employees

  • More than 600 suppliers and sub-contractors. More than 1,000 indirect jobs.